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IQ leverages intelligent data to drive results.

Techficient will help harness your data to provide more competitive advantages.

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Carrier Reporting​ and Competitive Insights based on:

  • Sales 

  • Placement Ratio

  • Days to Issue

  • Electronic Delivery

  • Electronic Application

  • Accelerated Underwriting

Distributor Reporting

View your business through:

  • Sales Reporting

  • Goal Reporting

  • Case Manager Reporting

  • Commissions Reporting

  • And More!

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Techficient believes in the old saying that knowledge is power. Valuable knowledge is gained from having solid facts. Far too often, many companies in the insurance industry depend on unreliable data that is incomplete or inaccurate. Without pristine, high-integrity data, answers to important questions can be wrong, leading to expensive mistakes, wasted opportunities or inefficiencies. 

Our dashboards help a business get a comprehensive view of its operations. Using high-integrity data can produce profound and insightful analysis that answers questions managers haven't even thought about asking. 

  • Easy-to-understand analytical dashboards can show a crystal-clear picture of a business's operation to a granular level.

  • The platform can show competitive insights into how a company is tracking compared to its peers.

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