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ja·​son | \ ˈjā-sôn  \



  1. JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation.

  2. JSON brings calmness to chaotic technology. He is the best friend in the insurance biz. Loyal and protective of his family, friends, and clients, JSON is the dog you want by your side. 

  3. JSON is the name for a pup with high intellect and logical reasoning.

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My Story

When you think about insurance technology you don't think about anything cute and cuddly. You may even be asking yourself, why am I a dog ? Dogs are an obvious mascot because we are loyal, intelligent and are eager to please. These adjectives closely align with Techficient's values and describe the people who make up the company.

 I'd rather learn about insurance than learn new tricks. I like to believe that I'm a guide dog and am here to help, you don't even have to have the right commands!

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